Sign Up for Free Trial of ArcGIS Marketplace App

To start your free trial of UtiliSync, you can sign up for it on the ArcGIS Marketplace. Below are the step-by-step instructions.


  1. Visit our ArcGIS Marketplace App web page.
  2. Click Free trial. Note, your ArcGIS user must be an Administrator or have a custom role assigned where Start trials is enabled under Administrative Privileges (see Esri's Configure member roles page for more information). 
  3. Enter your information, accept the terms and conditions, and submit the form.
  4. Click Console on the confirmation page.
  5. Click Manage Licenses (this just takes you to “License” tab on your ArcGIS Online page). 
  6. Scroll down until you see the card for UtiliSync, or type UtiliSync in the search bar.
  7. Click Assign.
  8. Find the user you want to have access to UtiliSync and click Assign next to their name.

    Once the users have been assigned, their user will be updated and they can sign in at using the “ArcGIS Online” option. 

  9. Let us know once you have signed into UtiliSync and we will make you an Admin user. Admin users can create layers, add a map and add layers to a map.