Update an 811 Utility Locate Request Ticket

This article describes how to update a locate request ticket.

If you submitted a form for a 811 utility locate request ticket and you need to update something (e.g. "Ticket Resolution", photos, notes), then you will need to submit a new form with the correct information. 

Follow the instructions below to update the ticket.


  1. This may confuse the excavator as they will receive the original response and then an updated response. You may want to explain in the notes that the update is the correct version of the completed ticket.
  2. The updated response will not be sent for accounts that are configured to work with Colorado811. Colorado811 will only accept the first response submitted and will not update based on subsequent form submittals. You will need to reach out to Colorado811 and the excavator to resolve.


  1. Find the closed ticket that you want to update.
  2. Go to Log.
  3. Select the Clipboard icon.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Edit the form as needed.
  6. Select Submit Final.

Success! You have updated the ticket.