811 Cityworks Service Request Integration

This article describes how to integrate a Cityworks service request with the UtiliSync TMS.

Follow the instructions below to configure UtiliSync to create a service request every time a locate request is added to your account. Note, you will need to have administrative rights to configure the settings.

  1. On the Settings Page click on the Organization tab.
  2. Under Cityworks - Service Requests enter your Cityworks API URL.
  3. Click Sign In and enter your Cityworks credentials. The user you sign in with here will be the user that creates the service requests. Some organizations create a new user called UtiliSync, which makes it easy to separate out the 811 service requests. 
  4. Once you are signed in, a new field will appear. Use it to select your service request template. Note: the Legal Date Custom Field is optional. If a field is selected, the legal date from the ticket will be saved to it.