Configure UtiliSync Form to Sync With Cityworks Inspection

This article gives the step-by-step directions on how to configure the Cityworks UtiliBot to save to Cityworks Inspections. See Configure Cityworks Utilibot for general information regarding the Cityworks UtiliBot.


  1. Sign In to Cityworks.
  2. Open the Cityworks Utilibot. To do that, view how to Open Form UtiliBot Dialog.
  3. On the To Cityworks tab turn on Enabled
  4. On Cityworks Activity Type select Inspection
  5. On Entity Group, Entity Type and Template, select the Cityworks Template to save to. 

On Create Inspection if not already created, turn on if you want to create an inspection in Cityworks every time one of these types of forms are created in UtiliSync. This will usually be enabled. If it is not enabled, then only inspections that are first created in Cityworks, synced to UtiliSync using webhooks and opened using the Task created in UtiliSync, will be updated.

Cityworks Activity

The settings in this section apply to the Cityworks Inspection that is synced with the UtiliSync form.

Use Close Cityworks Activity to set when the Cityworks Inspection should be closed. Options include: Always, Never, Conditional. If Conditional is selected, then you can set a form field to use to determine if the inspection will be closed when the UtiliSync form is submitted.

Attach PDF - Enable to attach the PDF report to the Cityworks Inspection.
Attach Photos - Enable to attach photos from the from the UtiliSync form as separate attachments to the Cityworks Inspection.


Use the settings in this section to set the comments to be saved to the Cityworks Inspection. You can use form fields in the inspection by using the following format {{params.[id]}}. For example, if you have a form UtiliSync form field called Recommendations with a question ID of 54, you could enter the following in under Inspection Recommendations: {{params.54}}

You can also enter static text along with the form field placeholder, like this: Recommendations from this inspection are {{params.54}}.

Contact UtiliSync support to find the question ID for a specific form field.

Current Activity - Observation Mappings

Use the settings in this section to define which UtiliSync form fields will be saved to Cityworks Observations.

New Cityworks Activities

Use this section to define what new Cityworks activities are created. This is super powerful! You can configure multiple Cityworks activities to be created always, or conditionally based on field forms. For example. you can create one type of Work Order based on one form field, another type of Work Order based on another form field, and a follow up inspection based on another field.