Sign In to Cityworks

This article explains how to Sign In to Cityworks from UtiliSync.

You need to sign in to Cityworks to configure the Cityworks UtiliBot and to start/submit forms that have the Cityworks UtiliBot enabled.

Before you can sign in as a user, a UtiliSync admin need to save the Cityworks API Url to your UtiliSync account.


  1. Click Settings.
  2. Then select the Organization tab.
  3. Then click Cityworks
  4. Input the Cityworks API URL.

Once the Cityworks API URL is saved to the organization, a Cityworks Authentication option appears on the User tab of the Settings page. Use that sign in button to sign in to Cityworks.

Note: UtiliSync does not save your Cityworks credentials. Rather, it saves a token returned to Cityworks that represents the user you signed in with. That token is used to interact with Cityworks (create work orders, close inspections, etc.).