Edit User Information

In this article, you will learn how to edit user information in your organization's account in the UtiliSync admin app.


  1. The Organization tab opens by default when you open the Admin Console. If you were working in other areas of the app, open the Organization tab.
  2. Use the button to filter your list of users by status: Active or Inactive.

  1. Click on a user from your list to edit their information.
  2. Click on the toggle at the top right to Activate or Inactivate a User.
  3. Click on any of these fields to enter or edit the user's personal information.

  1. Edit the Permissions fields to change a user's permissions.
  2. Use the buttons to edit which 811 Accounts the user has access to. Click on the Selected button to open a new info panel with all available accounts.

  1. Click to check the boxes of the Notifications you want this user to receive.
  2. Click Save when you are finished editing the user information.

Success! You can now Edit User Information for your Organization.

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