Access the Form Submission UtiliBot Dialog

This article explains how to access the Form Submission UtiliBot Dialog.

The Form Submission UtiliBot Dialog will show the User what steps were completed after a form was submitted.


  1. Select a Site/GIS Object on your map.
  2. Click the Log button.
  3. Click the Utilibot icon.

Success! You will now be able to view the Form Submission UtiliBot Dialog.


The ESRI Main Table or Related Table did not update:

  1. Talk with your GIS administrator to make sure fields are spelled correctly and correct layers are being tied to UtiliSync.
  2. Select Retry.
  3. Still not working? Find the Form Result ID and provide it to Customer Support. We can help locate the problem!

Create Form PDF or Send Form Emails

If the form is not creating or emails are not sending like intended: