Accepting a Shared Site

In this article, you will learn how to accept a Site that is shared with you through an email using the UtiliSync Field Reports app.


  1. Click on the link in the email that says Join Site.
  2. The UtiliSync app will open to Sites Shared with Me. Here you will find a list of all sites that you have accepted, as well as the new site at the top. Click on the Link Site button.
  3. This will open a pane where you need to choose the layer that the site needs to be added to.
  4. Next, you must choose whether to link this new site to a site you already have on your map or to create a new site. If you have previously created a site for this project, it is important that you Link this shared site with the existing site. If you have no existing site for this project, then select Create a new site.
  5. When you have chosen these settings, click on Link to Site.

Success! You can now accept Sites that are shared with you in UtiliSync.