Save Public SWPPP Link to a Site

In this article, you will learn how to save a public SWPPP link to a site in the UtiliSync Field Reports app. First, a UtiliSync Layer must be added to give you a field in which to save the link. After the layer is in place, then you can add any Public Share Site link from UtiliSync or other apps.

Instructions to add a UtiliSync Layer

  1. First, open your map settings, select the map you want, and open the Layers tab.
  2. Then select the Layer Settings arrow icon for the layer you would like.
  3. In the Layer Settings, select UtiliSync Fields and the on the blue +Add Field text.
  4. Then you can name your field, something simple like SWPPP Link works fine. None of the other fields need to be altered, just select Save.
  5. Now you can see your new UtiliSync Field in the Layer Settings. Select Save to close the Layer Settings and Save again to close the Map Settings.

Success! Now you are ready to save a Public Shared Site link to your UtiliSync layer.

Instructions to Save a Public Shared Site Link

  1. Select the site from the map to open the info panel.
  2. Select the Edit icon for the field that your organization has created for Shared Site Links.
  3. You can enter the site URL here, but it will be plain text, not a link. We recommend you toggle the Rich Text option instead.
  4. Here you can make a simple name for the link, in the example, we've chosen SWPPP Link.
  5. Highlight the name you've created and select the Hyperlink icon. Both will turn blue.
  6. In the small window that pops up, paste the site URL and select Save. It does not matter which app the URL comes from, this link will work for UtiliSync sites or any other public shared sites your contractors send you.
  7. Now the name you typed in has become a link that anyone can use by clicking on it. Select Save again.
  8. The link is now saved in your UtiliSync layer.

Success! You can now save public SWPPP links to a site in UtiliSync.