Respond to Action Items

In this article, you will learn how to respond with the UtiliSync Field Reports app to Action Items that are assigned to you.


When an Action Item has been assigned to you, you will receive an email. In the email, there will be a table that provides the Action Item's due date, to whom it is assigned, a description, and a link to view the Action Item.

  1. Click on the link View Action Item to respond to the Action Item.
  2. Next, you will sign in to your UtiliSync account. If your organization does not have an account, go ahead and create one.
  3. Once you are signed in, the Action Item will load so you can see the details and any photos that may have been added. Enter your response and add photos if desired.  
  4. Select Submit when you are finished.
  5. If you return to your email and see that you have been assigned another Action Item, select the View Action Item link for the new Action Item. If you are already signed in to UtiliSync, you don't have to sign in again. You will go straight to the Action Item in the UtiliSync app.

Success! You can now respond to Action Items in UtiliSync.