Create Action Items

In this article, you will learn how to create Action Items and assign them to contractors in the UtiliSync Field Reports app. UtiliSync provides contractors with an email link to all forms and documents available for a site as well as an interactive list of required action items with photos. 


  1. Select the site and the form that you would like to add an Action Item to. Fill out the form. Select Action Items.
  2. In the Action Item section of the form, select Add Action Item.
  3. Enter a description of the Action Item and assign it to a contractor using the dropdown menu. This will give you the option of selecting a contractor that you have shared the site with, or you can enter a new email.
  4. Enter your desired due date.
  5. If you would like to add a photo to this Action Item, select the blue +Add Photo text. Click anywhere on the dashed line box and your available photos will open on your device. Select the correct photo.
  6. After it has been added to the form, you can use the Edit Photo option to sketch on your photo if you want to clarify or emphasize where an action item should be accomplished.
  7. You can make a sketch by selecting the color indicator in the top left, choosing a color, and drawing the desired sketch.
  8. When your sketch is finished, select Save and you will return to your form.
  9. You can add additional photos using the blue + Add Photo text.
  10. When you are finished adding all photos, select Save.
  11. After signing the form, select Submit Final. This will activate the UtiliBots to send an email to the contractor selected and to create a PDF of your form. You do not need to leave the window open for the UtiliBots to finish, they will continue working when you close the window.

Success! You can now add an Action Item to a form.