Test the Connection for a GIS Layer

In this article, you will learn how to test your connection for a GIS layer as well as see what some common errors are and what they mean.


  1. From your Map, select the Layers icon.
  2. Scroll down to the GIS layers, they will have an Overflow Menu button. Select the Overflow Menu for the desired layer.
  3. Click on Test Connection.
  4. In the new info panel, select Test Connection, and the ArcGIS Service URL field will populate with either a successful connection or an error code.
  5. If the connection is unsuccessful, the text below the ArcGIS Service URL field will be red and the error code provided can be given to your GIS administrator to make the correction.

Common Connection Errors

Error Hint
The requested layer (layerId: 1) was not found. This means the layer specified cannot be found. It either does not exist, or the server is down where the layer is hosted.
Token Required This means that the layer is secured (not shared publicly) and requires a token to access it. Be sure "Secured Service" is turned on for the layer, and that you are signed in using your ArcGIS username
Invalid Token This means this layer is secured (not shared publicly), requires a token and a token was provided, but it is invalid. This usually means your ArcGIS user has not been granted access to that layer. Ask your GIS admin to give you access to the layer.

Success! You can now test the connection on your GIS Layers on a Map.