Use the Markup Tools

The Markup tools offer many fast and effective ways to visually communicate the important points in a photo or a map screenshot. In this article, you will find links to instructions for each of the different Markup tools available in the UtiliSync app.


  1. Select Markup from the Overflow menu located after the Description field for your image.
  2. The Overflow menu at the top right in Markup offers the following image editing tools: Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Fit to Screen, Crop, Add Legend, and Download.
  3. The Undo and Redo tools are located at the top right.
  4. The remaining tools are located at the top left and will be explained in separate articles.
  5. Make sure to click Save and Close when you are finished using the Markup tools, you will have the option to either save a draft or save and close your Markup.

Add a Text Box

Add a Line

Add a Shape

Add a Sketch

Add an Arrow

Add a Symbol

Access the Version History