Filter Locate Request Tickets

This article explains how to filter your locate request tickets from either the Ticket List page or the ticket list view on the Maps page.


  1. Select Ticket Filter
  2. Click on the Flip icon to switch between Open Tickets and Closed Tickets.
  3. Click on the left dropdown in the Add to Filter section to select a filter.
  4. Select an available filter option. Filter options include: Legal Date on or After, Legal Date on or Before, Ticket Number, Account, Ticket Type, Work Type, Address, Assigned To.

    Note: If you are on the Maps page, and you filter from the ticket list view, the Area on Map filter will appear if you have Closed Tickets selected.  This allows you to drag an area on the map to filter for tickets in the area.
  5. Input a filter value for the filter option selected.
  6. Click the blue '+' icon to add the filter.
  7. A filter chip will appear showing the filter you added. Add more filters if desired. 
  8. When you have the desired filters set, select Filter Tickets. It will update your ticket list view based on your set filters.
  9. You can remove filters at any time by clicking the X to the right of the filter label.

Success! You have filtered your tickets!