Add a User

This article explains how to add a new user.

If your organization is using ArcGIS Online or Portal named users, you will need to follow the instructions here to sign up for the ArcGIS Marketplace app and authorize the users to access the UtiliSync app.

If your organization is NOT using ArcGIS Online or Portal named users, follow these easy steps:


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select the Organization tab.
  3. Click Manage Users.
  4. Click Create New User.
  5. Input the User Information.
    • Username - Needs to be unique and at least 6 characters long.
    • Enter First Name and Last Name.
    • Enter the user’s Email.
    • (Optional) Enter the user’s Cell Phone number. This will allow them to receive some notifications if applicable.
    • Select the Time Zone.
    • (Optional) If you are using ArcGIS Online/Portal For ArcGIS in your organization, add the user’s ArcGIS Online/Portal Username.
    • You can set a Map To Load On Next Login.
    • If this is a current user Active should be set to ON.
  6. Set User Permissions.
    • Administrator - Administrator means that the user will have full access to UtiliSync. This will
      be for the users you trust or that need admin permissions.
    • 811 Locate User- If you are using UtiliSync for Locate Requests, then you will want to turn this ON for users who will be fulfilling the locate requests.
    • User Form Permission:
      • If View Only is selected the User will not be able to complete forms. This is for users who will only be viewing data.
      • If Power User is selected, they will be able to complete forms. If the user will be completing inspections using UtiliSync they need to be a Power User.
  7. Click Create User.

Success! You have created a new user! They will receive an email containing a link to create their password. They will then be able to sign in to UtiliSync.